4. Gallery 360

The key partner that will be contributing to further success of the ARTIC platform, is Gallery 360, which is an intelligent art platform that allows users to discover diverse pieces of artwork online. As of May 2021, Gallery 360 is exhibiting and selling up to 145.6 billion+ artworks in South Korea, and diversifying its business through VR exhibition rental solutions, AI paint app driven by artificial intelligence, drawing preview app, used art trade, online and offline services.

Currently, six related South-Korean Patents, two technical data, and four overseas PCTs are being applied to the platform, and they have set the stage for entry into the global market through partnerships with New York Chelsea K&P Gallery, global companies Archidraw, Inc., China VR CORE, and Amazon. As of 2021, Gallery 360 is being used in 64 countries, and it has recently become the world’s largest online exhibition and sales gallery, with a total of 151.4 billion KRW in sales turnover, including works by Baek Cheol-geuk, which are currently permanently in the collection of the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art.

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