2.2.2 Copyright Infringement

Up to this moment, physical art has been clearly articulated by galleries or dealers, and they could afterward reward artists. On the other hand, digital art works have unclear ownership, properties, and provenance, making it difficult for related artists to receive compensation in the market. As the ownership of digital art works becomes vague, the problem that the digital art market itself cannot be activated is being emphasized. In fact, in 2013, when the Internet-based artwork 'ifnoyes.com' by Dutch media artist Rafaёl Rozendaal was sold at the Phillips Contemporary Art and Design House, tons of controversy arose due to this issue. At this time, the meaning and method of claiming private property rights for publicly existing works, such as websites, were ambiguous, and the possibility of easy digital copying and alteration led to controversy over the reliability, value, copyright and ownership of digital art works.

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