A. Payment

On the ARTIC platform, consumers simply pay a certain fee and are allowed to enter an artist's Meta Exhibition. The artist's work is stored as an NFT, and if visitors wish to purchase the artwork after visiting the Meta Exhibition, they can do so through token payment. During this process, some of the consumers' Meta Exhibition fees and NFT fees are accumulated in the DAO pool. Meta Exhibitions can be used to exhibit a single artist’s work or to exhibit artwork from many artists. The production fees and rental fees needed to host a Meta Exhibition are included in “ Meta Exhibition fees,” which are part of the fees accumulated in the DAO pool. Consumers can purchase or rent works of art or images from the NFT Marketplace through token payments. Part of the transaction fees will be paid as a platform fee. Art consultants who sell artwork on behalf of artists also receive fees through token payments from their clients. In addition, ARTIC tokens will be used for payment for most of the services provided by the ARTIC platform, such as auctions and consumers' requests for custom-made works of art. Any additional payment policies in the future will be determined by the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).

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