3.2.2. Meta Exhibition

ARTIC is a gallery where anyone can appreciate various works of art and purchase art from a large selection of artists. ARTIC provides a virtual space where users can vividly experience artwork from various perspectives in 360°, regardless of time or space. ARTIC has specially photographed distinctive, real spaces to develop the Meta Exhibition into a unique metaverse. Artists can freely select a gallery that matches the mood of their artwork and upload the images. The Meta Exhibition is a platform where artists can exhibit and sell their works of art as desired. Ownership of the work is protected as a blockchain-based NFT asset.

Artists who have not been able to hold individual exhibitions in the existing art ecosystem will now be able to introduce their artwork directly to the public through ARTIC’s 360° panoramic Meta Exhibition. Additionally, the 360° panoramic Meta Exhibition will allow the public to enjoy realistic exhibitions free of charge. This reduces the fixed costs such as rent, entry fees, and transportation costs required for offline exhibitions. Through ARTIC, it is possible to display both online and offline works of art at the same time, which maximizes the promotional effect. In addition, through exhibitions on large digital screens (i.e. smart TVs and art frames), collaboration with art consultant companies, and image copyright sales, artists can enjoy the shared effects of increasing their brand value and generating additional income.

Through Virtual Reality (V), anyone can easily display works of art and hold exhibitions in a gallery. ARTIC provides various Meta Exhibition spaces, operational opportunities, exhibition planning advice, and expert support. The Meta Exhibition is an environment where consumers, who cannot visit offline galleries, can visit virtual galleries anytime, anywhere. Fixed costs such as rent, entry fees, and transportation costs that are required for offline exhibitions are reduced. Holding simultaneous exhibitions (both online and offline) will lead to maximizing promotional effects.

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