3.3.2. Token Economy

ARTIC tokens are utility tokens that are used and distributed inside of the platform for purchasing NFT artworks, staking, and payment of content. ARTIC ecosystem participants must purchase ARTIC tokens from cryptocurrency exchanges for content consumption and per production. In addition to purchasing methods through exchanges, ARTIC tokens can be obtained in the form of compensation or in the revenue generation processes through contributions to the ecosystem within ARTIC and various other activities. Participation in ARTIC requires holding a certain number of ARTICs, and holders are given the opportunity to participate in various events and also earn ecosystem rewards. Based on this process, the ecosystem and platform are flexibly expanded and various pieces of content are actively consumed, resulting in a virtuous cycle of ARTIC tokens.

  • Artist : Individuals who wish to sell their own artworks or receive production requests

  • Consumer : An enterprise or individual requesting the purchase and production of artworks

  • Art Consultant : Gallery and individuals who sell their work on behalf of the Artist

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