B. Staking
ARTIC token holders will be able to stake tokens in 2024 and receive staking rewards from the DAO pool. Staking tokens will allow holders to participate in governance, join special events, and experience bonus opportunities. The initial staking compensation rate of ARTIC tokens will be set high enough to promote user inflow and growth. However, the compensation rate may gradually decrease as the ARTIC ecosystem expands and stakers increase.
Staked ARTIC tokens are not fluid and cannot be transferred or sold. A certain “unstaking period” will be required to release staked ARTIC tokens. However, only staked tokens can be used for governance voting in the DAO. The ARTIC token ecosystem can request changes and vote on how high or low the DAO pool compensation rates should be through governance mechanisms. These incentive mechanisms motivate ecosystem participants to continue to hold ARTIC tokens, which helps build a sustainable token ecosystem.
ARTIC will introduce a governance mechanism to allow holders with staked ARTIC tokens to vote for or against various proposed changes to the ARTIC ecosystem. Each staked ARTIC token is worth one vote, and the more ARTIC tokens staked by the holder, the more power they have to affect the voting results. A detailed description of this system follows.
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