3.2.3. AI Center

At the AI Center, art consultants recommend various works of art to consumers based on their expert opinion. Here, works of art, artists, and consumers are all connected. You can find a variety of art such as paintings that create a calm and subtle mood, paintings that enrich children's sensitivities, and charming folk paintings. Art consultants also connect artists with art projects at various companies. Therefore, when art consultants participate in the ARTIC ecosystem they can receive rewards.

ARTIC uses artificial intelligence to analyze consumers' tastes in art and automatically curates and classifies the art by pattern, price, and size. Consumers can create their own works of art using ARTIC’s AI Paint tool and share them on SNS. Alternatively, they can ask experts to create those works of art for them. In addition, consumers can display various works of art in a digital space to determine in advance whether the art matches the space well. Artists can directly sell their artwork at the request of consumers. In addition, through art consultants, artists can receive the necessary professional support to host exhibitions or request that the art consultants sell their artwork on their behalf.

Artificial intelligence (AI) analyzes users’ taste in artwork, automatically recommends art to users, and sorts it by pattern, price, and size. Customized services also let artists recommend art that would suit the users’ preferences or let users request a piece of work they would like to own. The AI Center provides opportunities to connect consumers, company-led art projects, and artists, which can provide a steady income to artists and endless opportunities to create artwork. Users can also draw their own artwork with AI Paint and ask experts to produce them. Users can display various works of art in a virtual space and determine in advance whether they match the space well. The AI Center has been optimized for various devices such as HMDs, PCs, smartphones, and tablets.

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