2.3 ARTIC Team Mission

The ARTIC team consists of highly experienced IT developers/ Art Consultants/ Designers and other professionals with an average of more than 20 years of experience in their own fields. Combining their outstanding experience, the ARTIC team plans to utilize blockchain technology to solve problems such as copyright infringement, counterfeit issues, and provenance, which are chronic obstacles that hinder the growth of the art market. ARTIC presents three primary missions to address the above mentioned challenges:

  • Consumers should be able to produce or request the relevant art pieces and purchase them without the involvement of the brokers in the process.

  • Any Artist should be able to display his or her work in a virtual space regardless of time and place constraints, and also sell the ownership of their artwork, which is protected by the NFT.

  • Art consultants should be able to connect consumers and writers with professional views regarding their artwork and receive rewards for their activities.

In order to accomplish the above vision, the ARTIC team proposes an ARTIC Platform, which is an NFT asset-based art gallery that is built on blockchain. The ARTIC team aims to build an ARTIC platform and meet the needs of all participating entities such as 1) Artists, 2) Consumers, and 3) Art Consultants by driving the virtuous cycle in its ecosystem. Blockchain technology utilized on the platform allows anyone to share accurate information about artworks based on reliable price data and information mechanisms, forming an information symmetry structure in the Art Market. ARTIC presents a new paradigm in the world of art where accurate and reliable information allows each participant to focus on and interconnect with their own objectives.

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