3.3.3. Business Model

ARTIC's business model is a combination of two-track online and offline to create beneficial services that help the entire art society, which are classified into four main categories.

Artwork Brokerage & Rental Fee - Consumer As mentioned earlier, consumers such as collectors will be able to purchase or rent artworks directly from the NFT Marketplace . All transactions are made through smart contracts, and part of the transaction is paid as a platform fee.

Meta Exhibition Production Fees (Photography and Permanent Exhibitions) - Artists Artists can use Meta Exhibitions for personal exhibitions. At this time, ARTIC supports the production of Meta Exhibitions for personal exhibitions so that VR spaces can be used more effectively. As long as the artist delivers the intention and plan for the exhibition to the ARTIC team, the artist will be able to easily create their own exhibition even if they lack technical understanding.

VR Gallery Rental Fee (VR Exhibition) - Exhibition Planner (Artists, General Users, Institutions etc.) An Exhibition Planner may utilize the VR galleries for the purpose of the artwork exhibition. Here, ARTIC provides a platform environment where users can collect minimal exhibition materials and display themselves, so that users can easily display VR rental exhibitions. ARTIC also gives a unique URL to the VR rental, creating an environment for exhibition planners to promote and market to attract visitors.

Advertisement Fee (Revenue Generation from the Ads Exposure) - Advertiser On the ARTIC platform, data from users participating in the ecosystem is continuously collected to formulate big data. Advertisers can use this data to conduct sharper target marketing. ARTIC's advertising method is exposed when advertisers set keywords and match categories on the ARTIC platform. This helps advertisers obtain new and potential customers for the desired target at the same time. ARTIC is expected to be used a lot by users in certain fields, and due to its nature, users are expected to have a high revisit rate. Considering these characteristics, ARTIC's initial screen will be mainly banner advertising using image content and branding station-style advertising services.

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