3.2. ARTIC Platform

ARTIC is a blockchain-based Art Gallery Platform, which empowers its own NFT ecosystem to assetize the art masterpieces. The application of the blockchain serves as a core point to foster the reconsideration of the perception of art works by providing tangible and intangible services that can lead to the exhibition of domestic and foreign artworks and further impact the activation of the exchanges with artists around the globe. The blockchain further promotes active trading and convenience in quality artworks through the design and development of related software and contributes to the expansion of the base of advanced art culture.

ARTIC has four main functions: 1) NFT Marketplace, 2) Meta Exhibition, 3) AI Center, and 4) D-BOOK. It is all part of a UI that emphasizes user convenience and encourages the participation of key members of the art ecosystem such as consumers, artists, and art consultants. This will lead to a virtuous circle in ARTIC’s art industry ecosystem.

The core functions of ARTIC are as follows:

01. NFT Marketplace : Expands the Art Trading Ecosystem A space where works produced or commissioned by consumers are sold, and users can trade various works of art that require ownership protection.

02. Meta Exhibition: Art Exhibition Hall A virtual space where any artist can exhibit, appreciate, and sell works of art regardless of time or place.

03. AI Center: Provides a Variety of Art Content The AI Center is a space where art consultants connect consumers and artists. Art consultants rely on differentiated AI matching services to make recommendations to consumers based on their individual tastes and use another service that allows users to hang works of art they are interested in wherever they want.

04. D-BOOK: Smart Solutions for Digital Publishing D-BOOK provides smart solutions for digital publishing to content creators, branding experts, and companies that need effective advertising strategies or resources to easily design web pages.

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